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Revelation of the new Waterbus in Europort

The new Waterbus passenger boat revealed during the Europort fair








Alu Marine was pleased to announce the construction of a new double-ended passenger boat for 2011-2012, during the Europort fair in Rotterdam, from November 8th to 11th 2011.


The shipsmodel of the future boat was revealed on the Alu Marine stand on Friday November 11th with the clients, partners and officials.


  • Pictures of the reveal event


This double-ended ferry will transport passengers in Dordrecht, Netherlands, between the two banks of the "Vielle Meuse" and the lower reach of the Merwede. Developed in collaboration with the Stirling Design International design office, the boat will be able to move equally in both directions without having to turn around, reducing the operating time and fuel consumption.


With a 23 meters lenght, 8,2 meters width and 1,7 meters draft, the vessel will have the capacity of 200 passengers and 80 bicycles.


Equipped with two azimuth thrusters, driven by two 180 hp engines, the 3 crew members will maneuver this solid, functional and fuel-efficient boat easily.

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