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Home Archives Indutrie Alumarine Shipyard launches a 30 meter barge

Alumarine Shipyard launches a 30 meter barge

ALU MARINE launches a 30 meter barge


On 25th June, ALU MARINE launched the largest barge ever built on their Port Launay site.


This service barge, about 30 meters long, was launched in the Loire from the slipway, just in front of the shipyard.


This barge was commissioned for the maintenance of the Seine by Voies Navigables de France (VNF), a public company responsible for the management of the waterways.


After the launch on Friday 25th June, it was taken to Paris.


In their new facilities on the bank of the Loire, ALU MARINE has a huge production area, a slipway and sophisticated technical equipment, all major assets for the development of their activities building large industrial units.

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