Inland and Maritime passenger transport

Passenger transport, tourism cruises, dinner-cruises, crew transfer...

Special projects

Aluminium welded assemblies, platforms, structures & superstructures, dry docks, floating lodges...

Commercial workboat applications

Marine & inland waterway works, hose & line handling, rescue, research & survey support..

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Human resources

  • Key know-how in shipbuilding


With 30 years experience in shipbuilding, Alumarine Shipyard is well-knowned for the quality of boat construction and quality of boilermaking.


The main strong points of the shipyard:

  • 30 years experience.
  • Expertise in shipbuilding: boilermaking, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, hydraulic systems.
  • Mastery of professional standards (construction processes and international waterways and maritime regulations).
  • Project management in collaboration with the control and classification authorities and architects.


We have also, within the group, skills in boat interior fittings, comfort features, boat equipments, deck hardware, preparation, training and handover.



  • Professional qualifications and controls

  • Qualified and certified welders by certification organizations (Bureau Veritas, welding institute…).
  • Penetrant inspection control.
  • Radiography, ultrasound… provided by accredited organizations.
  • Quality control service.


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