Inland and Maritime passenger transport

Passenger transport, tourism cruises, dinner-cruises, crew transfer...

Special projects

Aluminium welded assemblies, platforms, structures & superstructures, dry docks, floating lodges...

Commercial workboat applications

Marine & inland waterway works, hose & line handling, rescue, research & survey support..


Aluminium boatbuilding company

The Alumarine Shipyard has specialized in the construction of aluminium boats since 1986.


The shipyard design and build powerful, robust and seaworthy work boats that can be used everyday in the most extreme conditions.


Each boat is built according to a strict specification list and according to the highest professional standards. In particular, Alumarine Shipyard work for the emergency services, the harbor Authorities, the Pilots, the rescue services, the operators of passenger boats, commercial vessels and crew boats.


Well-Known for the construction of aluminium workboats, Alumarine Shipyard is an important player on metal work and boiler making.  The shipyard also provides aluminium welded assemblies, structures, dry docks, floating lodges...


Alumarine Shipyard is part of the Grand Large Yachting Group, French leader of the long distance cruising boats.

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