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Hybrid-powered passenger boat

This 28 meters inland waterways boat built in aluminium carry passengers on the Oise river from the Cité des Bateliers (Longueil-Annel) to Compiègne and Noyon


Particularly innovative with hybrid propulsion system, diesel and electric, she fits into the new generation of environmentally friendly ships.








  • Main characteristics


Alumarine Shipyard
Design / Studies
Air draft

Light displacement

36 t
Fuel capacity

1800 l
Water capacity

1000 l
Diesel and electric
7-13 km/h

102 (cruise) / 60 (restaurant)

Navigation area

Inland waterways


  • Dual purpose

This boat has the particularity of being versatile. The passenger deck is convertible into restaurant or reception room. The boat is equipped with a very functional catering area on the aft deck.


She can carry 102 passengers in the transport version and 60 guests in the restaurant configuration.


She allow the 10 000 annual visitors of the “Cité des Bateliers” to enjoy river cruises and a catering service on board.


  • Comfortable accommodation

The large side windows provide passengers a panoramic view onto the outside, and the ceiling hatches increases the light in the passenger deck. So passengers will enjoy both panoramic view and luminous spacious deck.


Outside, a roof terrace can accommodate twenty people.


Access to the boat will be through the bow where a special area is dedicated to the passenger bicycles.


  • Hybrid propulsion system

The propulsion system of the boat combines an electric engine and a diesel engine. These two elements are combined by a gearbox.


The boat is equipped with a diesel engine providing 118 kW at 2300 rpm, combined with an hybrid transmission The electrical power of the hybrid system is 75 kW.

Unique on this type of boat, "L'Escapade" is equipped with 150 kWh of FE-LI-PO4 batteries.


Batteries supply the hybrid system while navigating in pure electric mode. In diesel mode, the hybrid system charge the batteries.

Batteries cover, through suitable converters, all needs of energy on board, and a 20 hours autonomy at 10 km/h speed.


Alumarine Shipyard has worked on this boat with the company Transfluid, leader of hybrid systems.

More information:

This "new generation" boat is for towns a modern and ecological way to develop transport and tourism on their waterways.


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